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"Glutimax buttocks enlargement is a godsend! It worked for me within weeks as advertised."

Katrina Ashland - Miami, FL

"I tried the cream for 5 weeks now and my butt went from an XS to a M-L. Thanks Glutimax!"

L. Tran - Columbus, IN

"I am very happy with the Glutimax results. It works fast and I am placing my second order! I like my curves now...."

Johanna - Manalapan, NJ

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buttocks enlargement made in the usa

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buttocks enlargement

Buttocks Enlargement - Ingredients

Glutimax buttocks enlargement is always manufactured in the USA. It is also manufactured at an FDA approved lab under strict FDA guidelines. This way you know the ingredients in your product are always consistent and safe. Glutimax puts together a superior product made from the finest available all-natural ingredients in the world for you!

Furthermore for your convenience, it has a lengthy 3 year shelf life in the event you do not start using the product immediately. Just be sure to store it in a cool, dry and room temperature area.

Glutimax Buttocks Enlargement Ingredients: Stabilized Aloe Vera Gel, Water, Octyl Palmitate, Black Cohosh Extract, Damiana Extract, Calendula Extract, Saw Palmetto Extract, Don Quai Extract, PEG-8 Stearate, Cetyl Alcohol, Safflower Oil, TEA-Carbomer 940, Squalene, Polysorbate 65, Methyl & Propyl Parabens, Honey, Natural Vitamin E (D-Alpha And Mixed Tocopherols), Niacinamide, Cassia (Cinnamon) Oil, Lepidium Meyenli (Maca) Root Extract, Ascorbic Acid and Fragrance.

Want to learn more about each one of these ingredients?

Maca Root Lepidium Meyenli aka Maca Root: an astonishing super food packed with nutrients, amino acids, minerals, healthy fats, vitamins and more! The healthy fats will store in your curvy areas such as the buttocks, hips and thighs. Maca is an essential component of any effective buttocks enlargement program.
Aloe Vera Aloe Vera: A succulent plant species that in the form cream has the ability to quickly penetrate the various layers of our skin and even reach muscles. This penetrating ability can reach even deeper to your body's bones. Aloe vera also acts at the cellular level to nourish and regenerate the cells, providing excellent results in skin care.
Niacinamide Niacinamide: this popular 100% natural vitamin will boost skin cell production. It also assists your skin in retaining the moisture and fatty acids it needs to give you those voluptuous curves where desired. It also has been proven to stop skin cell pigmentation which minimizes unwanted dark spots.
Water Water: Water helps the skin to retain moisture effectively and naturally. Water carries nutrients into the cells of the body and it's skin which will help nutrients get into the cells where they are needed.
Octyl Palmitate Octyl Palmitate: aka Ethylhexyl Palmitate is an ester. The ingredient acts as a lubricant on the skinís surface and will give the skin a soft and smooth appearance. It is a typical ingredient found in skin moisturizers, body lotions and many other health/beauty care products.
Black Cohosh Black Cohosh: aka Actaea Racemosa is a plant of the buttercup family found in rich and shady wooded areas in the eastern areas of North America.
Damiana Damiana: a small shrub that has properties known to be helpful with physical and sexual performance. It has a vasodilatation effect which widens blood vessels resulting from relaxation of skin and smooth muscle cells. The primary function of vasodilatation is to increase blood flow in the body to tissue that needs it most.
Calendula Calendula: has the longest history of use of any herb in skin care. It is used topically to sooth irritated skin. It is a species of annual or perennial herbaceous plants in the daisy family.
Saw Palmetto Saw Palmetto: an extract of Serenoa repens (fruit). It provides nutrients for penetration to deep areas in your body. When applied topically, it is more targeted and therefore more effective.
Don Quai Don Quai: an herb from China that helps increase blood volume and will replenish red blood cells to maintain good and healthy skin. It is commonly referred to as "female ginseng".
Cetyl Alcohol Cetyl Alcohol: Cetyl alcohol is a a white crystalline water-insoluble solid of plant origin that is used in the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry. It is used in skin creams and lotions, hair shampoos and conditioners, makeup products and body washes.
Safflower Oil Safflower Oil: a lubricant which contains properties that will act as a protective wall to your skin. This will help valuable nutrients such as water from exiting your skin.
Honey Honey: This will protect your skin and it contains natural antioxidant and anti-microbial properties. It helps skin rejuvenate and refresh which leaves it feeling silky and soft.
Vitamin E Vitamin E: a great nutrient for your skin- an antioxidant that repairs your skin and protects it from things that cause fine lines, wrinkles, dryness and damage collagen. Vitamin E neutralizes these effects. Unfortunately your body cannot produce it so you must be sure you're getting enough of this valuable nutrient to help your skin stay healthy and supple.


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