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"Glutimax butt enlargement is a godsend! It worked for me within weeks as advertised."

Katrina Ashland - Miami, FL

"I tried the cream for 5 weeks now and my butt went from an XS to a M-L. Thanks Glutimax!"

L. Tran - Columbus, IN

"I am very happy with the Glutimax results. It works fast and I am placing my second order! I like my curves now...."

Johanna - Manalapan, NJ

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butt enlargement

Butt Enlargement - How It Works

3 Easy Steps

After years and years of your skin being stretched, it starts to actually break down. This is similar to the effect of elastic losing it's elasticity. When your skin loses this tightness (elastin and collagen), it starts to cause lines, droopiness, wrinkles and ugly stretch marks. As this break down of your skin occurs, it certainly becomes noticeable not only to yourself but others as well.

Take a look at the anatomy of your skin...

Skin Anatomy

Glutimax butt enlargement is your solution to these types of problems! Glutimax penetrates fast and effectively through the epidermis which is the top layer of your skin. It then continues to penetrate deep into the dermis which is the second layer of your skin! Meanwhile the all natural and safe ingredients go to work repairing the damaged areas from the inside of your skin, outward!

This safe and effective herbal topical formulation is a deep penetrating, micro-active cream that works within just weeks! We've had some consumers say they've noticed results within the first week or two of using it!

When you feel the tingling sensation, do not be alarmed. This means that Glutimax butt enlargement is going to work and doing it's job!

butt enlargement application

The active ingredients go directly to your desired area via our scientifically advanced transdermal delivery system.

This type of delivery is long lasting, fast and effective!

Glutimax is topically applied twice daily. Because of the way the delivery system works, the application retains higher levels of efficiency and enhances effectiveness.

Have you been seeing these new butt enlargement pills and capsules?

Glutimax is available only in a cream. We state with confidence that no pill or capsule can come close to what Glutimax does! It is applied directly to the affected area to deliver effective and fast results. Don't be fooled, no pill or capsule type program could do the same. Furthermore, we come across many consumers that simply refuse to ingest capsules or pills into their body that could potentially be harmful and dangerous. Glutimax can process transdermal delivery at a higher rate than any butt enlargement pill or capsule ever can!

butt enlargement cream

Directions: SHAKE WELL BEFORE USING. Massage a small amount of Glutimax at least 1-2 times daily (morning and evening). Do not use for 1 hour prior to bathing (best if used after bathing). The cream can be used more than twice daily for faster and more dramatic results. We encourage at least 4-8 weeks of religious use to achieve noticeable results. For maximum results we encourage using the suggested 6 month program.

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